Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The creature, named Charlotte, is a mishmash of a Tarantula and a goat. She is owned by the young girl on her back who is a hodgepodge of a human and a fish, like a mermaid.

Being only 6 months old Charlotte is still a baby but she is indeed full grown. Being a nocturnal creature she becomes more frisky as the sun sets so her owner takes her out for walks at night.

And don't worry the fish that Charlotte is eating have no relation to her owner, considering the hundred of species of fish and that her owner was mutated.
Decided to do an 'origin' story for Charlotte.

The first time Charlotte met her owner she was laying under a bush watching her siblings play. As the runt of the litter Charlotte is cautious of larger creatures, but once she sees her mother approach the humanoid she became more confidant. Emerging from the brush Charlotte allowed the humanoid to hold her.

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