Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cocoon (step by step)

 The Plastination Exhibit rolled through my hometown and i was able to sketch up some of the bodies. 
Here is one of a ring tosser/gymnast who's body was dissected to show the ribs, organs, muscles, mammary glands etc. I added flesh to the breasts, opened up the top of the bust, moved the hands down, and added in the tiger moths and caterpillars.

 Initial sketch with pencil (took around 3hrs)

Background and skin color placement.

Trying to decide on appropriate color and lighting.

Here I started to go crazy with color and ended up with two light sources.
But I decided to get rid of one of them.

Developing the light source from within the chest cavity.
This way the moths emerging from the top of the breast are more illuminated.

Toning things down more and trying to make the inner oval recede back more.

Shadows and highlights!

Adding in the moths and caterpillars.

Goodbye sea green background.
Hello more depth and illumination.

Here I was adding more shadows while smoothing out the brush strokes, plus color variation in the moths.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Run Wild (step by step)

 I've always been stronger at illustrating and drawing so i start with a sketch.
 Then i try to focus on light source(s) and shadows.

Finally i add in color and more shading.

This is a very simple walk through, if i do another i will try to save more steps.