Thursday, June 19, 2014

de- DNA

Series: de-
Title: DNA

This is the idea of apples and oranges.
Colored pencil and pencil on textured paper. I will be continuing this series for a few more images, let’s see where it goes.
I will try to do bolder colors for the next ones.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Space Dandy

He is a Dandy guy who has already stolen my heart, baby.

This show is so good, I highly recommend watching the English dubbed version. If you are the type to say "but the Japanese original is always better, sob sob" just calm down. I've watched both and the English has better jokes in my opinion. So be open to the awesome, baby.

I am trying for a more painterly, bright colored, chunky look for this image. Again I had no preliminary sketch or idea I just went with the flow baby.

Secret of Nimh

I love this movie so much. It was a wonderful story when I was a kid and it became a treasure to me when I became an adult.
The entire image was unpremeditated, which is rather rare for me. I am more comfortable with a preliminary sketch before I start any work.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Slug Pie Stories

Slug Pie children's book trilogy

Illustrations I did for a new children's book trilogy.
If you got kiddos, know of someone with kiddos, or are a kid at heart (like me) go check out these books!!

Third book cover will be revealed in July!
Please do not use images without permission.

Friday, August 23, 2013

de- Peeled

de- Peeled

This image was influenced by the story of Edward Mordake. I hope, if he was a real man, that he found peace in death.
Craniopagus parasiticus

One Piece: Brook

Follow the link to watch the video captured of this painting.
Brook Mind Blown
One Piece fanart of Brook and Trafalgar Law. This is what I would expect to happen if these two actually fought.


Mouse Skeleton
ink on paper :)

Sunflower Skull
2hr speed painting 16”x20”, acrylic

ROTG: North

North’s Nightmare
I believe that Pitch would be specially cruel to North. Taking away his precious pets, beloved sleigh, and wonderful eyes.

ROTG: Jack Frost

Jack Frost’s Nightmare
Do not worry Jack. I will not let you be alone ever again.
Look, amongst the waving kelp your new friends will keep you company.

I would suspect that Pitch would have a special Nightmare for Jack.