Friday, August 23, 2013

de- Peeled

de- Peeled

This image was influenced by the story of Edward Mordake. I hope, if he was a real man, that he found peace in death.
Craniopagus parasiticus

One Piece: Brook

Follow the link to watch the video captured of this painting.
Brook Mind Blown
One Piece fanart of Brook and Trafalgar Law. This is what I would expect to happen if these two actually fought.


Mouse Skeleton
ink on paper :)

Sunflower Skull
2hr speed painting 16”x20”, acrylic

ROTG: North

North’s Nightmare
I believe that Pitch would be specially cruel to North. Taking away his precious pets, beloved sleigh, and wonderful eyes.

ROTG: Jack Frost

Jack Frost’s Nightmare
Do not worry Jack. I will not let you be alone ever again.
Look, amongst the waving kelp your new friends will keep you company.

I would suspect that Pitch would have a special Nightmare for Jack.

ROTG: Toothiana

Toothiana Arrives
This is a melding of the movie and book versions. I really enjoy both designs.

Seriously, if you have not read the books go do it! Guardians of Childhood books are really freakin’ good, I loved them so much more than the movie.

ROTG: Baby Cavity

 I watched the movie 'Rise of the Guardians' and then I read the books 'The Guardians of Childhood' and I love the books so much!! So here comes more fanart of both :)

Baby Cavity
This is a speed painting so it is very rough.

Someone —on the interwebs somewhere— had proposed the idea of a Baby Tooth becoming infatuated with Pitch. I thought the idea was adorable. I will be revisiting it again ;)
And yes she is holding his tooth.

de- Fruit

Series: de-
Title: Fruit (wip)
colored pencil on paper


 Wow I shamefully haven't updated this blog in a good long while. Well here comes the posts, I hope your bodies are ree~ady! :3

Series: de-
Title of first image: Pollen
Title of second image: Sound Wave
Concept drawings for a new series to keep me in practice. These are referenced from Beauchene Skulls, aka Exploded Skulls.