Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tiger Submarine

Another speed painting captured using Corel Painter this time.

Story time:
As the little skelies were traveling through the jungle they came across a tiger that had been attacked by poachers. With great ingenuity and determination the skelies will soon give the tiger back its freedom and its life.

Until then the tiger will have to rely on them for survival.
For now a simple swim gives the best comfort.

Water Spout

An older image that i captured while painting directly into photoshop cs.

Monday, April 11, 2011


This is part of a series I've recently been working on. Please enjoy my little Skellies!

Title: Toys for Tots
 This an actual lithograph print, also this is the first in the series of my infant skeletons.

This piece is a promise i'm making to myself and to any future kids i might have.

Acetone again with matte. Such a cute little guy with his balloon, which is as big as his freackin head!

If his bones were hollow he would fly away......up up and away with my beautiful my beautiful ballooooon

Title: Evil: Hear, Say, See....
This one is more of a mix of acetone transfer, ink drawings, and matte.

Favorite part of this was drawing the eardrum. (i really want to see one in real life)

Title: Go Fish
Technically this is an acetone transfer.

I've never done a series before but these infants were really fun to draw over and over again. I love them!

Title: Sunkiss
This is actually an acetone transfer w/ monotype color.

Title: Ties that go Deeper
 Last in the series, also a lithograph on stained paper.

This piece is very personal to me. Let's just say that it takes more than just being birthed by a woman to make her your mom.

it's more than title
and it's deeper than blood