Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dress you up in my Love

The girls here really do love dressing up and this time they wanted something more personal.

As the skin is cut and stitched up it starts to develop color and life.
So far it's a perfect fit.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tiger Telegraph

 A follow-up image to Tiger Submarine
Story time:
After months the skelies finally take the tiger out for a test run as night falls. The lights in the attic are surging as the circuits are checked and blown wires replaced.

Who knew the skelies were such capable electricians...

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Tidbit of News:
I'm planing on creating an "Introduction" page that shows all of the skelies that I've drawn so far. It will explain their purpose and personality, this way people will know more about the image's intent and mood. The little skelies have been begging me to do this :)

Also I have a queuing of 8 skelie images that are waiting to be colored, 7 sketches that need to be brought to life, plus 2-3 images (also waiting for the breath of life) that are going to be coupled with a short-story-type of explanation.....the story parts are purely experimental, so I look forward to it :D

Some time in the future I do want to create a sculpture model of a skelie, or a doll....


This image is about Thanatos vs. Eros, or Death Instinct vs. Self-preservation which are personified by my skelies.
Also the nerves that are anchoring the feet are spilling a type of Morse Code.

Personally I've never acted out my death drive but the thought of self-destruction has crossed my mind (i.e. thought of what it would be like to drive off of a bridge).
From my own perspective, this isn't about suicidal thoughts but more about the curiosity of what death would bring. "morbid ain't it"

Death is the final frontier of human exploration.