Monday, February 28, 2011

Bringing home a baby Bumble Bee....

Concept idea for skeletons in balloons and an airhead.

Done on a large piece of paper and then on a large transparency. 
On the paper I drew up a couple of bodies that are partially fleshed out so that way their limbs are faded. 
On the transparency I etched in the skeletal anatomy of the couple along with several cross-hatched lines and boxes.
This was a difficult image to capture with a camera and there is still a lot of detail that was lost. Also the transparency adds some really neat shadows on the paper underneath.

Playing around with 3-d and 2-d mix-matching. As you can tell the paper has been cut and bent to create a shallow dip. And onto of the paper there is dried glue that is forming a web. Like a tunnel spider. 
Again the camera could not pick up the subtle details of the glue's transparency. :(

 Foamboard again with ink and marker drawing.

 The image above and below are the same. I found this little cardboard packaging filler that acted like a puzzle. It starts off like the square and you can unfold it.
So I made it into a concept piece of "True Feelings", which are not found in your heart but in your mind.
It's a fun piece to play with, like an Rubik's Cube. ;)

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