Monday, February 28, 2011

Final Year of College: Paintings

"Egg Drop Soup: Birth of the World"
Oil painting of girl breaking open an egg and the yolk is spilling out an new world. (physics be damned!)
And in the window in the canvas is an egg has is sprouting a mini sculpture of gold wire and handmade kozo paper.
And yes that is a real egg, don't worry it doesn't smell. ;)

 This is an Exquisite Corpse that I did with a very good friend of mine.
An Exquisite Corpse is a collaboration between two or more artists. You get your canvas, section off even parts, and you start the painting whatever you want, cover up all but an inch of it and from there another artist can paint from the colors and lines that you've put on it.
Basically you are painting blind. :)

 Steampunk idea.
With a man, a bird, and a clock.

This was a challenge for myself in the following ways:
  5'x6' ft oil painting (second largest painting i've done), translucency, reflection, opacity, focus, glass, edges, anatomy, background and foreground, and realism balanced with fantasy.

Oval acrylic painting.
This was the begining of a series I'm currently working on that involves these infant skeletons.
This piece is just an association of all things in nature that are connected by Calcium:
veins, plants, shells, stained glass, skeleton, alabaster, limestone

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