Monday, February 28, 2011


 For the bird's background I actually watered down the acrylics and put salt on it. Although the photo doesn't capture it the salt adds a bit of glittery shine.

Braces and a wrist watch calculator, what a whale!
Painted the little bugger on foamboard and cut him out with x-acto.

I had this scrap of woodboard sitting around and I decided to play off of the natural wood grains, which made up the curves in the water and the white highlights.

Treasure Island.... in a bottle.

 "Never Knows Best"

This is actually an oil painting. (oops)
After doing so many still life paintings I decided to put a twist to this still life.
It consisted of cloth, a basket, and a mask which I morphed into a person who's body is stuck under the table.

Toe Painting!
Yep, aside from the texture that I fixed to the canvas, I painting the entire image with me toes.
I know that is not as impressive as painting with a boob or penis but I'm happy with my work. ;)

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